STAP (Solar Trek Training and Awareness Program)
It is initiated to cater knowledge and promote solar among the young Indian students. At STAP, our vision is to bridge the gap between the solar & EV industrial world and the college/School classrooms. We do this by bringing the top-notch industrial experts and students on the same platform, thus enabling the students to learn from the experience of solar & EV experts. The holistic approach of hands-on + conceptual approach is imparted in our workshop sessions.

STAP (Solar Trek Training and Awareness Program) It is a 2-day Workshop program focused on giving outreach to the participants about the latest technological advancements in the Solar industry. Participants can practically explore the innovations involved in solar from the earliest to the present stage. The eccentricity of the program is that one can learn directly from solar industrial specialists from reputed companies and research organizations and get experiences of their vision.

Their involvement and experience with the present day technology give one the correct platform to get enhance and innovate powerful methodologies for solar which would win tomorrow and even day after. Our exquisite modules have been carefully designed to suit our goal and do equity to each and every individual registering with us. A lot of care has been brought to cut down the complexities engaged in the real solar world to an effectively reasonable way. One would have an extraordinary time and fun participating in our sessions with consistent hands-on viable experience.

Highlights of STAP 2019

  • Course Modules designed by our reputed experts from reputed Solar companies and research organizations like IITs, NITs etc.
  • Practical hands-on sessions.
  • Work on a live project along with our industrial experts.
  • Solar Trek Recognized Certification to all the participants.
  • Interactive sessions from HRs of the Solar industry.
  • Support to Easy Apply for Internships in Solar industries.

Who can Participate

B.E/B.Tech – All Streams!

Engineers interested in pursuing further studies or business in Renewable Energy.
Renewable enthusiasts.

Workshop Schedule

Module -1 : Introduction To Solar & EV
Module -2 :Design of PV Systems – On-grid, Off-grid, Hybrid. Glitches about bigger solar plants. Module -3 : Installation of Solar PV Systems
Module -4 : Hands-on Mobile charging kit/Solar car/Solar Drones
Module -5 :Solar Policies, Solar market – Opportunities & future growth
Module -6 : Interactive session with Special experts.

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